Book Recommendations – January 2017


Below are a few books from the past month that really stood out to me (including a quick review) with the hopes that they encourage you to pick them up (the first one especially and the accompanying video found at the bottom of the post).

Please pass on in the comments section any other books that you have recently read that you really enjoyed.


THE LITTLE BIG THINGS: 163 Ways To Pursue Excellence by Tom Peters

Dare I say it, but this book may just be the “How To Win Friends and Influence People” of our generation. Far too early to tell, but Peters has successfully (in my opinion) put together the greatest cheatsheet/playbook for thriving in today´s world. I hate to say that there is probably nothing you have read or heard before in here, but like Carnegie´s classic, in this book you have it all in one place. For a taste of the contents check out the video at the bottom of this post:


IF I COULD TELL YOU JUST ONE THING  – Encounters with Remarkable People and Their Most Valuable Advice by Richard Reed

Over the last decade when entrepreneur Richard Reed met someone he admired, he asked them the same question: If you could tell me just one thing, what would it be? Super short and easy to digest lessons from some of the todays most influential leaders each told in a story format makes this an extremely fun and motivational read. Great book to just sit down and grab a chapter out of or to exercise with. For inspiration junkies like myself, this is pure candy.



I particularly connected with this book because George himself, in an attempt to overcome a personal obstacle of drug addiction, found not only his remedy, but his life´s calling and shares his lessons with others to improve performance, focus and overall personal well-being.  To say George Mumford has been to the other side and back is an understatement.

This book hit me at just the right time as just this past year I have begun to dig deeper into the importance of mindfulness in an attempt to not only quiet my own “monkey mind”, but also to be more patient and empathetic to others, and to learn more about the important connection between body and mind. For anyone just starting out in this area I highly recommend this book as it gives a unique insight into the power of mindfulness for not only individuals, but when a team drinks the kook-aid. Great book to give your team or colleagues, sports fans or not.

Quick Side: 
Just this past week, Federer in an exit interview after winning the Australian Open at the age of 35, mentioned the importance of visualization and mindset. Click here to view.

Just as relevant today as during the crisis.

Hope you give them a shot and let me know what you think.

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