I have a speech impediment. I especially have a hard time saying words that begin with the letter “m”. My name is Michael. I takes a little longer for me to join the conversation. For this reason I started this blog.

Stuttering as a kid I never would have imagined that I would travel all over the world and meet the girl of my dreams giving a Presentation and Negotiation Seminar for the Catalan government. Stuttering as a adult I still cannot believe that I owe everything in my life to it.

Since the day I decided to take a sales job to get over my fear of speaking I have learned two facts about the world.

The first fact is that the beauty of life is that one conversation can change our world. One “yes” is all it takes. One introduction, one chance encounter, one word can make all the difference. But you have to be willing to put yourself out there and not let your fears and flaws get in the way of being you and going after what you want.

The second fact is that having a career that you love is a privilege, not a right.
Constantly learning new skills and facing new challenges are the only constants in creating a career that brings you home smiling each night. Like any successful long-term relationship it takes hard work and stepping outside of your comfort zone in order to get better every single day. Those that see the alarm clock as the school bell and view each day as a chance to learn something new, win.

Putting yourself out there is the first step. Being ready for the conversations for change to occur is the second. Put these two facts together and you have this blog: a collection of dots from conversations, experiences, and most of all, people that have taught me to always bet on myself and that the only direction is forward.

When I am not playing with my son and aggravating my wife I can be found either growing CORPORE Wear, with my partner and friend, Albert Moreno, or working with entrepreneurs or business professionals (of any shape and size) to clarify and expand their message. Recently, my work and company have been featured and shared in publications like Fast Company, INC.com, Thought Catalog, Elephant Journal and most recently as a contributor for Arianna Huffington´s new wellness space, Thrive Global.

Feel free to get in touch anytime and learn more about the services I offer to both businesses and anyone who is looking to take the next small step to reach their next big step.


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